Rapids is a non-profit organization that exists due to the contribution of time and expertise from volunteers.  All Rapids Board and Committee members, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers are un-paid volunteers who contribute hundreds of hours per season to our players.  In order to continue growing and improving our organization, we must rely on all families involved in Rapids to donate some time to the association


Team Roles:

All TEAM ROLES below must be filled

1- Head Coach (approved by Rapid Board)

  • Requires vulnerable sector background check (every 3 years)
  • Requires completion of coaches training or in house training
  • Teach players the fundamentals of basketball, including shooting, passing, dribbling, and defensive techniques.
  • Help players improve their individual skills while also teaching team strategies.
  • Foster a growth mindset, encouraging players to see mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • Oversee player tryouts and select team members based on skills, potential, and fit.
  • Regularly assess players' performance, providing feedback and recommendations for improvement.
  • Make decisions regarding player roles, starting lineups, and playing time.
  • Serve as a role model for young athletes, emphasizing sportsmanship, respect, and discipline.
  • Guide players in developing not only as athletes but as individuals, instilling values that will benefit them in life beyond basketball.
  • Address any conflicts or issues among team members, fostering a positive team environment
  • Plan and conduct regular practice sessions, ensuring a balance between skill development, team strategy, and conditioning.
  • Ensure that training sessions are safe, structured, and productive.
  • Introduce and reinforce the importance of physical fitness, nutrition, and injury prevention.
  • Stay updated with the latest coaching techniques, drills, and basketball strategies.
  • Attend coaching clinics, workshops, or courses to further personal development and bring new insights to the team.
  • Coordinate with the club or organization regarding team schedules, travel arrangements, and other logistical details.

2-Assistant Coach (approved by Rapids Board)

  • Requires vulnerable sector background check (every 3 years)
  • Requires completion of coaches training or in house training
  • Support the Head Coach in the above tasks.

3-Team Manager (approved by Rapids Board)

  • Act as a liaison between coaches, players, parents, and the basketball club
  • Disseminate important information regarding schedules, events, travel arrangements, and other team-related matters.
  • Organize transportation, accommodation, and meal arrangements for away games or tournaments.
  • Manage the distribution, collection, and maintenance of team uniforms.
  • Assist the coach in ensuring that all necessary equipment is available and in good condition for practices and games.
  • Recruit parent volunteers for specific tasks or roles, such as sideline support, scorekeeping, or fundraising activities.
  • Engage with parents, addressing any concerns or feedback they might have.
  • Assist the volunteer coordinator in ensuring all necessary roles are filled
  • Distribute uniforms at the beginning of the season and collect uniforms at the end of the season - wash & return them to the Equipment Coordinator
  • Make arrangements for additional supplies for coaches throughout the season as needed (including: game balls, pumps, score-sheets and first aid supplies)
  • Other tasks as needed

4-School Host (2 per team)

  • Figuring out a schedule for the School Host is NOT the Team Manager or Coach’s responsibility
  • Please divide this time commitment as equally as possible between volunteer #6 & #7
  • At all Practicesthe School Host must identify themselves to the Community Use Supervisor at the gym at the start of each practice
  • Responsibilities include ensuring that:
    • All garbage is removed at the end of the practice / game
      • Chairs are returned to equipment rooms (if required)
    • Spectators are respecting the facility
    • Players / spectators / siblings are only leaving the gym to use the washroom; there is no wandering or playing in the halls at any school
    • No spectators / siblings are climbing on mats, using school-owned sports equipment or entering gym equipment rooms
    • In the case of an incident at a game, the School Host must submit an incident report
    • Be prepared in the case an emergency, 


Alternate Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Any remaining families that cannot fill a TEAM ROLE above have a few other opportunities to fulfill their volunteer requirements.  These opportunities are limited and will be presented throughout the season for families to sign up for. 

1-Board Members

  • President
    • Provide direction and set goals for the club's short-term and long-term future.
    • Lead and facilitate committee meetings
    • Ensure the club operates within compliance of its policies
    • Financial oversight
    • Lead meetings and set agendas for the meetings
    • Address and mediate disputes or conflicts that may arise within the club, whether among members, staff, or external stakeholders.
    • Email management
    • Second signer for online banking system
    • Mentor potential future leaders within the club.
  • Vice President
    • Support the president in their role
    • Participate actively in committee meetings, providing input and feedback.
    • Assist in planning, organizing, and executing club events, such as tournaments, fundraisers, and community outreach programs.
    • Communication with RAMP and ABA in regards to insurance for players, coaches, volunteers and gym spaces
    • Book gym spaces
    • Social media management
  • Treasurer
    • Track payments for players and ensure jersey fees and paid and then reimbursed at the end of the season
    • Ensure tournament and league fees are paid and reimbursed if required
    • Track income and expenses for the club
    • Manage online banking system
    • Work with Club Register to ensure player fees cover costs for the year
  • Secretary
    • Take meeting minutes and post to the Google Drive
    • Prepare agenda for Board meetings
    • Club wide communication
    • Record Keeping including records, policies and procedures, memberships, insurances and certifications
  • Coach Liaison
    • Help recruit coaches
    • Organize coach training/introductions and orientation
    • Organize games for the year end party, along with other coaches
    • Liaise with coaches about tournament choices and availability
    • Manage equipment delivery and returns
    • Register teams for tournaments

2-Club Registrar (1 member)

  • Oversee the entire player registration process, from opening registration periods to finalizing rosters.
  • Ensure that all registration forms are updated, accessible, and user-friendly for members.
  • Verify the accuracy and completeness of player registration forms, ensuring that all required documents and fees are submitted.
  • Maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date database of all registered players, coaches, and staff members.
  • Check the eligibility of players based on age, residency, or other criteria set by the club or governing body.
  • Collaborate with the club's treasurer to track and manage registration fees.

3-Equipment Manger Committee

  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all club equipment, including balls, training aids, uniforms, and first aid kits.
  • Regularly inspect equipment to ensure it meets safety standards and is in good working condition.
  • Ensure that each team within the club receives the necessary equipment for practices and matches.
  • Oversee the distribution of team uniforms to players.
  • Ensure that uniforms are returned at the end of the season, noting any damages or losses.
  • Coordinate with suppliers for uniform orders, replacements, or customizations.
  • Assess the club's equipment needs and make purchasing recommendations.
  • Liaise with suppliers and vendors to obtain the best quality equipment within the club's budget.
  • Implement an organized system for equipment storage, ensuring items are easy to locate and retrieve.

5-Scholarship Selection Committee Member (2+ members)

  • Fundraising or Collecting Sponsorship for Scholarships
  • Review scholarship applications to choose winning recipients

6-Tournament Organizing Committee (6+ members)

  • Tournament Director (or Chairperson):
    • Oversees the entire planning and execution process.
    • Acts as the main point of contact for external stakeholders.
    • Ensures that all committee members fulfill their responsibilities and coordinates their efforts.
    • Addresses any major issues or conflicts that arise during the tournament.
  • Registration and Team Liaison:
    • Manages team registrations and entry fees.
    • Acts as the primary contact for participating teams, answering questions about schedules, rules, and logistics.
    • Verifies team eligibility and ensures all required documentation is received.
  • Scheduling Coordinator:
    • Creates the tournament schedule, ensuring fair play times and adequate breaks.
    • Coordinates with referees and coaches to avoid scheduling conflicts.
    • Manages any necessary schedule changes or adjustments during the tournament.
  • Venue and Facilities Manager:
    • Secures the tournament venue(s) and ensures they meet required standards.
    • Coordinates setup and breakdown of courts, seating, and other facilities.
    • Oversees on-site logistics, including parking, security, and first aid stations.
  • Referee and Official Coordinator:
    • Recruits and schedules referees for all games.
    • Ensures referees are informed about tournament rules and expectations.
    • Addresses any disputes or concerns related to officiating during the event.
  • Sponsorship and Marketing Lead:
    • Seeks out sponsors for the tournament and negotiates sponsorship deals.
    • Manages the promotion of the tournament through various channels, including social media, local media, and club newsletters.
    • Oversees the design and distribution of promotional materials, such as posters and brochures.
  • Equipment and Supplies Coordinator:
    • Ensures all necessary equipment, such as basketballs, scoreboards, and team benches, is available and in good condition.
    • Manages the setup of equipment at the venue.
    • Coordinates any equipment rentals or purchases needed specifically for the tournament.
  • Awards and Ceremony Organizer
    • Selects and orders trophies, medals, or other awards for tournament winners.
    • Plans and oversees the awards ceremony.
    • Coordinates any additional ceremonies or special events during the tournament, such as halftime shows or guest appearances.
  • Volunteer Coordinator:
    • Recruits and schedules volunteers for various roles during the tournament, such as scorekeeping, ticketing, and concessions.
    • Provides training or orientation for volunteers.
    • Acts as the primary contact for volunteers during the event, addressing any questions or concerns.

7-Club Event Organizing Committee (3+ members)

  • Planning club wide activities such as Kick Off and Wind Up
  • Plan additional club wide activities such as speakers, movie nights, ect

8-Club Sponsorship Organizing Committee (2+ members)

  • Asking for sponsorship or organizing fundraising activities.

9-Team Website Content Manager

  • Regularly update the website with relevant content, such as match schedules, results, player profiles, news articles, and photo galleries.
  • Collaborate with team management, coaches, and players to gather content or information.

10-Volunteer Coordinator

  • Advertise volunteer opportunities within the club.
  • Ensure all volunteers roles are filled
  • Organize orientation sessions for new volunteers to familiarize them with the club's operations, values, and expectations.
  • Provide training or workshops as needed, equipping volunteers with the necessary skills or knowledge for their roles.
  • Create and manage a schedule for volunteers, ensuring that there are enough individuals available for games, events, practices, and other club activities.
  • Address any scheduling conflicts or last-minute changes efficiently.
  • Act as the primary point of contact for volunteers, addressing their questions, concerns, or feedback.
  • Maintain up-to-date records of all volunteers, including contact information, roles, hours contributed, and any relevant certifications or training.

11-Other opportunities offered throughout the season


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